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Absolute Rope was founded in 2020 as a supplier of high-quality steel wire ropes into the South African market. Its founders have over 25 years manufacturing, technical and lifting experience and have established long term strategic partnerships with reputable global manufacturers. Our efficient operating model and clear strategic intent focuses on having a wide range of stock readily available at very competitive prices.  


Introduction to Steel Wire Rope

In its simplest form steel wire rope is merely a bundle of steel wires and strands assembled in a geometrically orientated configuration. As can be seen from the diagram, a rope can be seen as complex arrangement which are helically formed around a core of fibre or rope (IWRC).


The components of a rope are described as:

  1. The wire is the basic unit from which wire rope is manufactured. This is manufactured to different tensile strengths which ultimately determines the tensile grade of the rope.
  2. A strand comprises a bundle of wires which are formed into a single unit. These can either be in a round configuration or other geometrical shape such as triangular or elliptical
  3. Either a fibre or steel core around which the  strand are formed.

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In general Round strands have the following 3 types of construction, namely Seal, Warrington or Filler Constructions. These are shown below:

Seal Construction

The description of a parallel strand construction in which there are the same number of wires in each layer.

Warrington Construction

A description for a wire layer in a strand, or rope, which consist of two different wire diameters. The larger diameter wires (yellow) are located in the gussets of the underlying layer of wires (blue) while the smaller diameter wires (pink) are located against the crowns of the underlying wires (blue).

Filler Construction

The description for a wire layer in a strand which consists of two different wire diameters, Small filler wires (green) are located in the gussets of the inner wires (blue).

The types of core are generally either Fibre Core (FC), Wire Strand Core (WSC) or Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) and are shown in the figures below:

Steel wire rope also has different configurations of strand lay direction. This is generally either 1)Ordinary Lay or 2) Lang’s Lay. Thi is shown in the figures below

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